4 Things to Consider When Selecting a Retaining Wall Company

Retaining walls are structures that prevent soil or other material from slumping over the side of a slope, typically to provide vertical ground support. They are often used in landscaping to hold back dirt, gravel, sand, and even water. Retaining wall companies are found all over California – one of the largest states in America. This article discusses 4 things you should consider when selecting a retaining wall company for your project.


One of the most important things to consider when selecting a retaining wall company is their experience. How long have they been in business? What kind of projects have they completed in the past? Do they have any references you can contact? Experienced companies will be able to provide you with a better-finished product, as well as advice and guidance throughout the entire process.… Read More


Driving Through Rocklin, California

As we drove through Rocklin, we saw some retaining wall contractors at work.  I was fascinated by the end result!

There were several men working with a large paver machine. They looked like they had been doing it for quite a while, as they seemed very competent.

The contractors – I think – were from Rocklin and obviously loved what they do. This is one way of making a living, but clearly not the only option! But it does look interesting and exciting to me.… Read More


Collected Works Co.

Collected Works Co. is the collaborative effort of Pacific Northwesterners Jacob Hinmon and Patrick Vail. Their original goal was to create beautiful, functional and durable products. The end result consists of a military-inspired duffle backpack and a series of corresponding auxiliary pouches. With all components being USA-made, the pack is designed with a long life-span in mind and features Horween Chromexcel leather sewn at Portland’s Tanner Goods. Complete with a fully waxed canvas exterior, the interior features modern touches like a laptop, iPad and phone pockets. Perfect for the wilderness or for the every-day pack around town.

Watch a video about Collected Works Co. here.
Click here for Collected Works’ Kickstarter and for more info on ordering.… Read More



Above: some new work for UK magazine ‘Above Sea Level‘ for a feature on the terroir of the Central Californian Coast.

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