Above: some new work for UK magazine ‘Above Sea Level‘ for a feature on the terroir of the Central Californian Coast.

Coley Brown
Annemarieke van Drimmelen

The Power of Myth by Joseph Campbell

Grouper – Paradise Valley
Dustin O’Halloran – 3 Movements
Kjartan Sviensson – Der Klang der Offenbarung des Göttlichen

Blue Jay
Manchester By The Sea
The OA
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Ursula Jernberg

I came across the Ursula Jernberg’s work in a roundabout way a few months ago while visiting Claire Cottrell in LA and her Book Stand shop. Claire carried a zine called Sunday Mornings at the River, which I picked up. I visited their website when I got home and found an intriguing book they were selling in limited pressing called “Characters of Jante” by Ursula Jernberg. The prints are segmented into once-folded sheets of photos stacked together and arranged inside the sleeve of the outer cover. It’s a hauntingly beautiful collection of photography that truly captures the calm in these scenes. Jernberg lives and works in Amsterdam and I was lucky enough to rendezvous with her on my recent trip abroad. Really excited to see what she does next!
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Music for Autumn

With the coming of autumn, a stillness blankets over our pace and our eyes avert to cloud-cover; slowed mornings and early dusks usher us into the warmer climes of our homes. A gesture glinting toward a softened horizons: here is the 2011 fall installment of music.


1 • Tom Waits – Fawn

2 • Frank Fairfield – Ruthie

3 • Broken Social Scene – Romance To The Grave

4 • Doug Paisley – No One But You

5 • Mark McGuire – The Lonesome Foghorn Blows

6 • Small Sur – Prettyboy

7 • Nils Frahm – Snippet

8 • Matthew Mullane – A Second Choir

9 • Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto – By This River

10 • Allen Karpinski – Red Echo

11 • Grouper – Come Softly

12 • Orcas – Until Then

13 • Glenn Jones – A Snapshot of Mom, Scotland, 1957

Previous seasonal mixes:


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