Ursula Jernberg

I came across the Ursula Jernberg’s work in a roundabout way a few months ago while visiting Claire Cottrell in LA and her Book Stand shop. Claire carried a zine called Sunday Mornings at the River, which I picked up. I visited their website when I got home and found an intriguing book they were selling in limited pressing called “Characters of Jante” by Ursula Jernberg. The prints are segmented into once-folded sheets of photos stacked together and arranged inside the sleeve of the outer cover. It’s a hauntingly beautiful collection of photography that truly captures the calm in these scenes. Jernberg lives and works in Amsterdam and I was lucky enough to rendezvous with her on my recent trip abroad. Really excited to see what she does next!
View more from Jernberg here.

One thought on Ursula Jernberg

  1. I’m completely fascinated by her work. Thank you so much for sharing.

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