A recent breakfast at home.

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Feliz (Friday Favorites by Leigh Patterson)
Refueled (blog)


Carla Cascales

Bear In Heaven – I Love You, It’s Cool

Moonrise Kingdom

3 thoughts on Recents

  1. Moonrise Kingdom ! My new favorite movie – i’ve seen it twice in one week.
    Did you enjoy it ?
    Congratulation to Leigh for Synonym. A nice project.
    (and i love your plate)

    • merci, marion. yes, i think i need to see Moonrise Kingdom again, too. there’s just too many intricate little details that one misses in a single viewing! i’ll pass along the nice words to leigh. the plate is from Brook Farm General Store, quite possibly my favorite shop ever. wishing you well, friend!

      • This is the 2nd time you indicate me something from this shop – i really need to visit it !

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