La Garçonne

LAGLa Garçonne by Michael A Muller-9La Garçonne by Michael A Muller-32La Garçonne by Michael A Muller-51 La Garçonne by Michael A Muller-11La Garçonne by Michael A Muller-64La Garçonne by Michael A Muller-89

I recently had the pleasure of photographing the new NYC home of La Garçonne. The airy space and its custom build-out were designed by renowned architect Solveig Fernlund to perfectly complement the expertly curated collection of clothing and accessories. The precise details, light and flow of the space serve as a welcome wind of freshness in the industry. Highly recommended.
Read/see the original feature via Remodelista and drop by the shop at 465 Greenwich Street in Tribeca.

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